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  • 510 Sea Ray aft curtain 3 section with two windows
  • Bimini top and camper top
  • Horseshoe zipper with screen
  • Camper top port side panels
  • Bimini with five section front enclosure

Canvas Innovations brings years of experience assuring a unique design and fit that you're looking for. When it comes to fitting your boat top or hardtop with an enclosure you want a tight fit and panels that come together without the classic “bird holes” in the corners! We take time to fit each panel so it looks like it was truly custom fit. With over 24 years experience we can offer designs that will make your new enclosure stand out.
Standard enclosures are fit to Bimini tops, Camper tops, Hardtops, Aluminum towers.
We also offer commercial enclosures for three season rooms or any application that needs covering.