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Watching the sunset out on the lake, gulf or ocean
has never been better with new bonded windows to
enjoy the view, no matter what the weather! (1).png
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Kevin Hitney, Chicago Il

Chris and company, I saw the new top and windows for my '99 sedan bridge today for the first time and was AMAZED! What a fantastic piece of craftsmanship.!!!! Exceeded ALL expectations. The design suggestions from you and your staff make my boat look 10 years younger.

Master Jeff Smith

The Rainier windows designed and installed by Chris Ritsema and his staff have worked out great! This project was a rebuild with a tricky set of curvatures going in two different planes between the existing lower windshield and the new hardtop. It's been watertight in some heavy rainstorms and open water conditions, it keeps the heat out of the helm area, it's "clear as a bell" from the inside and looks super from the outside.

Larry Marsland, Marsland Centre Limited

 You are a genius! Curtains fit like a Saville Row bespoke suit. Easy to install and we got them perfectly centered on the tracks. Beautiful. (1).png
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