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To keep your boat in great condition, 
install new boat carpet, which prevents slipping
when walking across the deck and so much more! (1).png
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The Anchorage Yacht Sales Team

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the excellent service you have provided to our clients. A lot of times when we go to list a boat that we are going to sell we can tell even before we get aboard whether you did the canvas or someone else. That seems funny but there is an absolute difference in the quality of work that you offer in terms of fit, finish, and detail. Whenever we have a customer in need of canvas, you are the only recommendation that we make- we are that confident that our customers are going to be more than satisfied in your work

Happy Customer

The new carpet in our boat looks fabulous! It now has a totally new, updated feel and we are very excited to get the rest of the interior done. Shaine did such a great job! His work ethic and attention to detail was superior. He takes a lot of pride in his work and it really shows. The before and after pictures are unbelievable! We look forward to working with you in the future when we need a new camper top.

Coming Soon

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